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McGlaun Massage Therapy.

“I’m finally seeing progress I haven’t seen at physical therapy and I feel better because I don’t have to take as much medication. I think this is working. In fact, I know it is. Thank you!” – H.

“Why hasn’t any other therapist ever done that before? That got rid of the pain right away.” The pain is gone? “It’s completely gone. I don’t feel anything at all. I just feel good. And I can touch my toes!” -C.M.

“My first labor included 3 hours of pushing. It’s exhausting to start motherhood off after that. EVERY muscle is sore, including facial muscles! Gwen was my support for my second labor and the whole active labor took less time than the pushing from my first labor! After massaging some trigger spots, my labor went quickly, and before I knew it my little one-push wonder was born! I didn’t have time to get sore facial muscles or even be that tired. I had more energy and strength. I totally credit Gwen and her massage for my labor being a relative breeze, and for my recovery being smooth. ” -C.S.

“Wow. You’ve only been doing this how long?” Two years. “Wow. That is amazing. You are amazing. I feel amazing! When can I come back?” -S.

“Your touch is truly talented. You have such a gentle, soothing method. I had no idea you were so deep into my muscles. I think I fell asleep!” -P.

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