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Massages for Everyone

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  • Rehabilitative Massage

    Address trauma from chronic injury, strained muscles, TMJ, carpel tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, migraines headache, whiplash, sciatica, surgical scarring, or other muscular discomfort caused by injury, overuse, or imbalance. Firm to Deep pressure.
    30 Min ($50) ~ 60 Min ($75) ~ 90 Min ($105) ~ 120 Min ($135)

  • Swe-Thai Massage

    Physiotherapy that blends yoga, acupressure, and reflexology combined with classic Swedish techniques to create refreshing and calming of the body and mind, giving deep relaxation and improved flexibility to all of the body’s soft tissues.
    90 Min ($95) ~ 120 Min ($125)

  • Relaxation Massage

    Gentle relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, reduced swelling/edema, improved circulation, improved sleep, and greater flexibility. Excellent for fibromyalgia and those who bruise easily. Light pressure only.
    30 Min ($45) ~ 60 Min ($65) ~ 90 Min ($90) ~ 120 Min ($115)

  • Sport Massage

    Designed for people who engage in athletics or vigorous, repetitive activities to restore blood-flow, ease cramps, desensitize nerves, and flush toxins. Most effective within 72 hours of event or activity.
    60 Min ($75)

  • Hot Stone Massage

    The smooth stones radiate heat which deeply penetrates into the muscles, releasing acute and chronic tension for outstanding relaxation. A very comfortable and soothing experience. Not appropriate for those who are sensitive to heat, have diabetes, or who are pregnant.
    60 Min ($95) ~ 90 Min ($125)

  • Chair Massage

    CALL 706-392-4174 to schedule. Perfect for corporate or business events, weddings, or spa parties! Clients remain fully clothed and receive relaxation massage on a specially-designed, softly-padded massage chair. $1/minute OR $60/hour plus $10 set-up fee.


Mothers and Babies

Learn More about Bodywork for the Childbearing Year Here

Click Here for Information on Doula Services

  • Prenatal Massage 

    Special certification in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® provides superior prenatal massage care with specialized techniques for body and mind. Amazing for rebalancing the shifting body, calming the mind, and easing pregnancy aches. Good for you and your growing baby. Side-lying massage may begin in your 14th week of pregnancy.
    60 Min ($65)

  • Post-Partum Massage

    Post-partum massage can continue for several months after your birth experience until your complaints including relieving stress and discomfort, aiding cesarean recovery, and post-surgical scar-reduction massage have been fully addressed and your body is restored.
    60 Min ($65)

  • Joy of Motherhood Package

    Includes your choice of prenatal massage, labor support, post-partum massage, and infant massage class. Create your own package for a significant savings on your services. Free customization consultation.

Learn More about Infant Massage Here

  • Infant Massage Class – Group

    Nurturing meaningful communication and bonding through loving touch! CALL 706-392-4174 to enroll in a class. Max class size of 6 babies and their caregivers. Includes special gift and class materials.

  • Infant Massage Class – Private

    Nurturing meaningful communication and bonding through loving touch! Private instruction for you and your baby, plus a spouse, babysitter, or relative. Includes special gift and class materials.


Special Populations

  • Pediatric Massage

    A specialized massage for those age 3 to 10 years designed to ease “growing pains” and to address other childhood conditions. Parents will be present throughout the massage and child will remain clothed or wear bathing suit.
    30 Min ($45) ~ 60 Min ($65)

  • ‘Tween & Teen Massage

    Adolescents face many new body concerns as they grown. This massage for ages 11 to 17 addresses those concerns easing the aches of growing or sports and soothing anxiety or depression. Bathing suit or equivalent. Parent required on site.
    30 Min ($45) ~ 60 Min ($65)

  • Geriatric Massage

    Especially for those 65+. Helps to improve blood circulation, relieve pain, prevent bedsores, increase range of motion, maintain and improve overall health, and regain certain physical functions that have been reduced due to aging, illness, or injury. Available for home, hospital, or hospice without travel fee.
    30 Min ($35) ~ 60 Min ($55)

  • Oncology Massage

    Specially tailored towards compassionate care during this challenging journey through cancer, recovery, remission, or end-of-life care. Available at office location or on-site in hospital, hospice, or home in Georgia without travel fee.
    30 Min ($45) ~ 60 Min ($65)


Elevations- Add to Your Experience!

Add any of these Specialty Bodywork Services to Elevate your Massage.

  • Smooth Hands Citrus Sugar Glow

    Custom-blended sugar glow sweetly smooths skin then deeply hydrates with pure massage oils and gentle heat from steamed towels to relax and exfoliate. Uplifting sweet orange, lemon, and tangerine refresh and awaken the senses. Add to massage for just $15 or have this service alone for $35.

  • Smooth Feet Peppermint Sugar Glow

    Custom-blended sugar glow sweetly smooths skin then deeply hydrates with pure massage oils and gentle heat from steamed towels to relax and exfoliate. Invigorating peppermint is cooling and its natural anti-microbial properties make it perfect for hardworking feet. Add to massage for just $15 or have this service alone for $35.

  • Custom Aromatherapy

    Describe your state of health for a custom-blended aromatherapy selected from over 35 pure essential oils or choose from several soothing or uplifting blends. Add to Relax or Rehab Massages for only $9 and take your 2 oz bottle of custom aromatherapeutic massage oil home with you!

  • Release and Refresh

    This powerful combination of thermal and cryotherapy lotions evaporates tension and dissolves inflammation. Excellent for specific points of tension or pain. Featuring Sombra® products made in the USA- free from artificial colors, artificial fragrances, alcohol, parabens, silicones, or harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, with a light citrus scent. Add to Rehabilitative Massage for $12.

  • Paraffin Wax Dip

    Deep heat is proven to reduce the discomforts of arthritis, inflammation, and overuse injuries. Nothing provides this quite like the gentle warmth of a hot paraffin wax dip. Add to any massage: Hands ($5) ~ Feet ($7) ~ Both ($10)


McGlaun Massage Therapy offers a permanent 20% discount to all Service Members, Veterans, and the immediate Family (parents, spouses, and children) of Active Duty Military and Veterans. Purple Heart Recipients will receive 50% off all massages and services.

*Prices subject to change at any time. “To You” massage is available in GA for select massages only for an additional travel convenience fee. Optional gratuity is not included, but always appreciated if you have had an outstanding experience!

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