Environment & Comfort


Eco-Friendly, Client-Oriented Practice

Only the finest organic, allergy-free oils and lotions are used. 100% cotton linens are washed in eco-friendly, scent-free detergent. For those with allergies or sensitivities, a scent-free massage can provide a neutral place of healing. Aromatherapy with single-note and blended essential oils may enhance the experience for others.

The Best in Comfort

Relax on the Oakworks® Nova™ massage table, the #1 choice of professionals. It features USA construction, PVC-free materials, heated padding, adjustable Aero-Cel™ face cradle, integrated sound system, and an armrest shelf to let you rest comfortably. It supports up to 550 lbs and provides 73″ of tabletop length with extension available for taller clients.


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