Birth Doula Fees

In the words of one mother “My doula was worth every penny and more!”

Chances are good that you are looking here because you are curious how much it would cost to hire a Doula for the momentous occasion of the birth of your child. Consider the following:

As your Birth Doula, I will joyfully…

  • meet with you at least twice before your birth to get to know each other, establish care, complete paperwork, assist you with your birth plan, answer your questions and wonderings, provide reassurance, meet other members of your birthing team, visit your home, practice physical support measures with you and your partner, and attend a prenatal checkup with you if desired.
  • be on call 24/7 to talk and provide emotional support leading up to the birth of your child.
  • clear my schedule of other commitments around your estimated due date.
  • stay local as your estimated due date approaches for a quick arrival when labor begins.
  • come any time, day or night, when your labor begins.
  • come to your house and support you for as long as needed.
  • go with you to the hospital or birthing center and continue to support you for as long as needed.
  • stay with you continuously, providing undistracted emotional support, physical comfort measures, and information for making your birthing experience stress-free and positive.
  • stay with you after your birth to continue supporting your bonding and assist with establishing breastfeeding.
  • meet with you again after the birth of your new baby to provide additional support and resources.

Can I afford a doula? Ask Suze Orman! (This Mom asked for you – Watch here.)

Doula Baby“My first labor included 3 hours of pushing. It’s exhausting to start motherhood off after that. EVERY muscle is sore, including facial muscles! Gwen was my support for my second labor and the whole active labor took less time than the pushing from my first labor! After massaging some trigger spots, my labor went quickly, and before I knew it my little one-push wonder was born! I didn’t have time to get sore facial muscles or even be that tired. I had more energy and strength. I totally credit Gwen and her massage for my labor being a relative breeze, and for my recovery being smooth. ” -C.S.

For all this, I charge a simple flat fee of $525. No worries about “running out” of doula support. No concerns that I will intentionally withhold support that could shorten your labor to milk an hourly fee. That wouldn’t be fair or remotely ethical. I want you to be relaxed, knowing that you’ve hired someone who is going to be there for you when you need her, for as long as you need her, providing exactly the support you need.

Please call (706) 392-4174 or complete the form below to schedule a free consultation to discuss affordable Doula care for your birthing experience.



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